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The Nation’s First Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Program

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The Randall Research Scholars Program (RRSP) is a nationally recognized undergraduate research program which pairs exceptional and highly motivated students directly with leading research professors and cutting-edge computing technology to complete scholarly research projects in any field of study.

Program News

RRSP Outstanding Senior Recipients

The Randall Research Scholars Program hosted its annual Honors Celebration recognizing the achievements of RRS students during the 2023-2024 academic year. This event honors RRS internal award and fellowship recipients, external award recipients, university award recipients, intramural teams, and the graduating senior class of 2024.

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RRSP ROUR Recipients

The Randall Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award Program was established in 1997. These awards celebrate exceptional research conducted by undergraduate students. The recipients are selected by a distinguished panel of UA research faculty and past winners of the Burnum Distinguished Faculty Award.

Congratulations to the Randall Research Scholars who received the 2024 ROUR Award:
Cole Christie, Isabella Concannon, Fiona Gill, Rachel Lane, Riley Nold, Christian Stephens, and Michael Zengel

These exceptional scholars have demonstrated dedication, curiosity, and a commitment to advancing knowledge. Their contributions enrich our academic community and inspire future generations of researchers.

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Class of 2023 | Chemistry & Mathematics

Abby Foes is a 2023 graduate from Rockford, Illinois. She graduated from the RRS program with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and mathematics with a minor in global health. While at UA, Abby was a research assistant for Dr. Ayanjeet Ghosh in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, working with infrared spectroscopy to study Alzheimer’s disease tissue samples and the disease’s hallmark protein deposits. During her time with Dr. Ghosh, Abby received the Randall Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award, the H. Pettus Randall Jr. Scholarship, and the Outstanding Chemistry Undergraduate Research Award. She also received the Catherine J. Randall Premier Award and the Hazel Phelps Jones Award in the spring of 2023. Now, Abby is a PhD student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the Department of Biostatistics. She is working under Dr. Tanya Garcia in developing statistical methodologies to address censored covariates motivated by the study of Huntington disease.

"The Randall Research Scholars program was invaluable in shaping me to be the student, researcher, and peer that I am today. The program provided support and motivation along my academic journey as well as comfort in my personal growth through my undergraduate education."

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Brendan Granger

Brendan Granger

Class of 2024 | Accounting & Finance

"The Randall Research Scholars Program has given me access to a network of distinguished alumni and a group of students that has propelled me academically and professionally far beyond what I could have otherwise achieved on my own here at the University of Alabama."

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Sabrina Jung

Sabrina Jung

Class of 2022 | Math & Finance

“The Randall Research Scholars Program has far exceeded my expectations coming into college. It is a fun, fast paced, and collaborative environment designed to challenge each student while bringing together a diverse group of inquisitive and driven individuals.

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Ian Brown

Ian Brown

Class of 2024 | Chemical Engineering

“The Randall Research Scholars program built my research knowledge and confidence from the ground up. Peer mentorship taught me what research looks like and how to set out to achieve my personal goals.”

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Our History of Excellence

The Randall Research Scholars Program was founded as the Computer-Based Honors Program (CBHP) in 1968 by Dr. Charles L. Seebeck to produce students who become leaders in application of computer techniques to various fields of knowledge. For the program's first fifty years, CBHP remained true to these original objectives while expanding the focus of the program to meet the continuing advances in technology and the advent of the “information age”. This culminated in 2017, when the program was renamed in honor of one of our previous directors, Dr. Catherine J. Randall. The Catherine J. Randall Research Scholars Program seeks to honor the groundbreaking original program objectives while expanding the vision to encourage continued development of its student researchers as leaders in their fields.

As the oldest undergraduate research program in the United States, the Randall Research Scholars Program is internationally competitive. The members of our program come from all over the globe and present their research at global conferences. Moreover, our students routinely earn prestigious academic awards at the national scale.

Every year, many Randall students win various external awards in several different fields and areas. Click the numbers below to view our most recent recipients.


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Goldwater Scholars


NSF Graduate Research Fellows