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Nick Hayes | Rhodes Scholar

Nick Hayes

Class of 2022 | Applied Mathematics & German

Congratulations to Randall Research Scholar Nick Hayes on being named a 2022 Rhodes Scholar. Nick was The University of Alabama's 16th Rhodes Scholar

Nicholas Hayes, Long Valley, NJ, graduated with the class of 2022 at the University of Alabama, where he majored in Applied Mathematics and German. He also did an intensive course in Swahili language and culture in Tanzania as a Boren Scholar. An ultramarathoner, he was named the outstanding junior at the University of Alabama on the basis of scholarship, leadership and service. Nick edited an undergraduate science journal, interned at NOAA in fisheries science and has published in academic journals in politics and biology, and also published poetry, and translates between English and Swahili. Nick is completing the MSC in Mathematical Science and the MSt in Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics at Oxford.

"The Randall Research Scholars Program has been an invaluable source of encouragement and support throughout my tenure at the University of Alabama. This program has given me the necessary tools and professional development to not just succeed, but thrive in an interdisciplinary research environment. I am extremely grateful for the mentorship and guidance of the RRSP community, with special thanks to Mrs. Batson, Darren Evans-Young, Dr. Sharpe, and Dr. Gray."

Jackson Foster | Marshall Scholarship

Jackson Foster

Class of 2022 | Religious Studies & History

Congratulations to our own Jackson Foster on recieving the Marshall Scholarship. Jackson was The University of Alabama's 5th Marshall Scholar.

Originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, UA graduate Jackson Foster studied religion and history, with minors in the Blount and Randall Research scholars programs. Jackson has published extensively in early-modern English history—namely, on Tudor criminal law—and the global-critical philosophy of religion, where he uses machine learning to map inclusive futures for the field. He was co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Crimson Historical Review, and he spent his junior year earning his bureaucratic stripes as an intern at the National Endowment for the Humanities. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Jackson was slated to plan and teach a class at the Tuscaloosa Juvenile Detention Center—carceral education and reform being long-standing passions of his. In his free time, Jackson played tennis, soccer, and cricket, dyed his hair, listened to punk music, and painted. As a Marshall Scholar, he is pursuing a master's degree in medieval and early modern studies, then another in data science for the digital humanities, at Durham University.

"RRSP has supported my academic growth, developed in me a multidisciplinary mode of thinking, and provided opportunities integral to my success as a Marshall Scholar."

Jules Bates | Goldwater Scholarship

Jules Bates

Senior | Chemical Engineering

Congratulations to our own Juliana Bates on recieving the Goldwater Scholarship. Jules is The Randall Research Scholars 30th Goldwater Scholar. Her research project is titled “Directed-Differentiation of Neural Stem Cells with Loaded MRI-Visible Nanocarriers.”

Jules Bates is a Chemical Engineering major from Pace, FL. She first became interested in research through a biotechnology program at her high school where she learned about how living organisms can be used to manufacture products for healthcare. Interest in the biomedical field led her to join Dr. Kim’s lab in the Chemical Engineering Department, and she was published as second author on a journal article. She is currently researching on a project investigating neural stem cell therapy to treat epilepsy. This summer she will be researching in a lab studying neural control and biomechanics of human locomotion to get experience in other areas of biomedical engineering. She plans to obtain a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering and research in biomechanics, biomaterials, and neural engineering. Outside of research she has volunteered at the Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest Florida rehabilitating opossums, turtles, and songbirds, and has played clarinet in the UA Symphonic Band.

“One of the main reasons I came to The University of Alabama was because of the Randall Research Scholars Program. This opportunity has provided me with beneficial experience in biomedical research and exposed me to the diverse research interests of students in the program. I am constantly inspired by the achievements of my peers, and they encourage me to set higher goals for myself.”

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

Congratulations to our own Jace Aldrich, Caroline Austin, and Anna Stevenson on receiving the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program Grant.

Jace Aldrich

Jace Aldrich

Class of 2022 | Mechanical Engineering

“The Randall Research Scholars Program has provided me with lifelong skills and relationships that transformed my undergraduate experience. Both my peers in the program and the faculty that guide us always go above and beyond to provide support, making RRS truly feel like a family.”

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Caroline Austin

Caroline Austin

Class of 2022 | Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering

"Through the Randall Research Scholars Program, I have formed meaningful relationships with faculty and students who have pushed me to get the most out of my undergraduate career. My involvement in RRSP has helped me develop the skills and research experience necessary for success in graduate school."

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Mackenzi Barrett

Anna Stevenson

Class of 2022 | Mechanical Engineering

"The Randall Research Scholars Program has been an invaluable part of my undergraduate experience. RRSP has allowed to me curate valuable relationships, both with students and faculty, that I will continue to treasure throughout the course of my career. I am incredibly grateful for the mentorship I have received through this program, with special thanks to Dr. Josh Bittle, Dr. Shane Sharpe, Dr. Jeff Gray, and Mrs. Jane Batson."

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Jace was a mechanical engineering major from Helena, Alabama. His research involved non-linear and adaptive control of hybrid exoskeletons for rehabilitation, utilizing functional electrical stimulation to elicit muscle contractions in tandem with robotic actuation. He was also a senior computer lab manager for the Randall Research Scholars Program, where he oversaw the day-to-day operations and long-term goals of the Randall Research Scholars Program Computing Lab. In the summer of 2021, he interned at Ford Motor Company where he was a product owner for a charge management system for fleet electric vehicles. This past summer, he worked in the unmanned systems group at Southwest Research Institute, where he applied his robotics and controls knowledge to develop and improve many autonomous systems. He is a master’s student at the University of Alabama and will continue into a PhD in Mechanical Engineering.

Caroline Austin is a class of 2022 graduate Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics major from Commerce Township, Michigan. Her undergraduate research focused on different methods of testing, quantifying, and improving human balance. While at UA Caroline was an involved member of the Alabama Gymnastics Club Team, serving as the president in her senior year. She was also an officer for both the Women of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the aerospace honor society, Sigma Gamma Tau. Caroline was a National Merit Finalist and was named the 2022 Capstone Engineering Society Outstanding Senior. Outside of her involvement at UA, Caroline was a Pathways Intern at NASA Glenn Research Center where she worked on both power generation estimates for the International Space Station and computational models for Space Associated Neuro-ocular Syndrome. Caroline returned to NASA this past summer and is now attending The University of Colorado Boulder where she is pursuing an Aerospace Ph.D. with a Bioastronautics concentration. Her graduate research studies the use of galvanic vestibular stimulation (GVS) to recreate the disorientation experienced by astronauts upon return from space flight. Her work testing a prototype GVS device and developing an algorithm to appropriately couple stimulation levels with different head movements will provide a new training method for astronauts.

Anna Stevenson is a class of 2022 graduate from Tall Timbers, MD who studied mechanical engineering with a minor in the Randall Research Scholars Program. For three years at UA, she worked in the UA Engines and Combustion Laboratory studying combustion parameters of biofuels for use in low-emission diesel engines. She also has work experience as a Mechanical Design intern with Jordan & Skala Engineers, and additional research experience as a SULI intern at Oak Ridge National Laboratory where she studied the effectiveness of boiler retrofits on home energy reduction. While at UA, she was involved with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Society of Women Engineers, Pi Tau Sigma, Alabama Action, and The XXXI Premier Women’s Honorary. She was also a Goldwater Scholar and the 2022 recipient of the Catherine J. Randall Premier Award. She is currently pursuing a PhD in mechanical engineering at the University of Virginia where she is continuing to study ways to reduce emissions from the transportation sector in order to fight the worsening climate crisis.

Candice Keogh

Candice Keogh

Class of 2022 | New College & Pre-Med

"As a Randall Research Scholar, I have not only joined a unique community of high-achieving scholars, but I have also been challenged to adopt a mindset of excellence, professionalism, and humility in all that I do at UA and beyond."

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Sabrina Jung

Sabrina Jung

Class of 2022 | Math & Finance

“The Randall Research Scholars Program has far exceeded my expectations coming into college. It is a fun, fast paced, and collaborative environment designed to challenge each student while bringing together a diverse group of inquisitive and driven individuals.

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Mackenzi Barrett

Mackenzi Barrett

Class of 2022 | Economics

“RRS is truly a family. We learn together and grow together. While there is no better program at UA to develop your research skills, there is also no better place to forge friendships that will last a lifetime.”

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Our History of Excellence

The Randall Research Scholars Program was founded as the Computer-Based Honors Program (CBHP) in 1968 by Dr. Charles L. Seebeck to produce students who become leaders in application of computer techniques to various fields of knowledge. For the program's first fifty years, CBHP remained true to these original objectives while expanding the focus of the program to meet the continuing advances in technology and the advent of the “information age”. This culminated in 2017, when the program was renamed in honor of one of our previous directors, Dr. Catherine J. Randall. The Catherine J. Randall Research Scholars Program seeks to honor the groundbreaking original program objectives while expanding the vision to encourage continued development of its student researchers as leaders in their fields.

As the oldest undergraduate research program in the United States, the Randall Research Scholars Program is internationally competitive. The members of our program come from all over the globe and present their research at global conferences. Moreover, our students routinely earn prestigious academic awards at the national scale.


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