Student Highlights

Student Highlights

Brendan Granger

Class of 2024 | Accounting & Finance

Brendan Granger is a junior from Memphis, Tennessee. He is double majoring in accounting and finance. In the summer of his junior year, Brendan worked for AutoZone’s corporate office in Memphis as an internal audit intern. Following that experience, Brendan interned at KPMG in their Nashville audit practice where he will be returning full time post- graduation. In addition to his work experience and being a member of the Randall Research Scholars Program, Brendan is a member of the Culverhouse Investment Management Group. This organization is a student-led investment fund that invests over $1.8 million in public securities using a value investing approach. This work is in addition to his research on the effect of cloud computing on traditional business organizational structures with Dr. Jef Naidoo in the Culverhouse College of Business.

When asked about how RRS has impacted his academic career, Brendan responded, "The Randall Research Scholars Program has given me access to a network of distinguished alumni and a group of students that has propelled me academically and professionally far beyond what I could have otherwise achieved on my own here at the University of Alabama. The program is an integral part of my college experience here at UA, it has allowed me to set myself apart from my peers; thus, opening the door to many highly competitive internships and academic organizations here at the University of Alabama. Without the help of my research mentor and my peers in the program, I would not be nearly as far along in my academic and professional career."

Outside of the classroom, Brendan enjoys volunteering to tutor elementary and middle school students after school through the Culverhouse LIFT program. Brendan also enjoys running and golf.

Sabrina Jung

Class of 2022 | Math & Finance

Meet Sabrina Jung, a class of 2022 graduate from Wildwood, Missouri. She double majored in math and finance and participated in the Accelerated Master’s Program for finance at UA. During the summer of 2021, she worked as an intern on the finance team at the World Wide Technology Headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. While at UA, Sabrina was a member of the Randall Research Scholars Program and worked as a Professionalism Dimension Leader for the program’s Peer Resource Organization in which she assisted fellow RRS students with various professional development and alumni engagement activities. Sabrina also completed her RRS research project studying risk preference behavior in sequential order contests with Dr. Paan Jindapon and UA’s Department of Economics.

When asked about how RRS has impacted her academic career, Sabrina says, “The Randall Research Scholars Program has far exceeded my expectations coming into college. It is a fun, fast paced, and collaborative environment designed to challenge each student while bringing together a diverse group of inquisitive and driven individuals. The students, alumni, and faculty of the program come together to learn as a group in a supportive and growth-oriented community. I have met many life-long friends through the program, and I am only beginning to see the impact that the program and all of its wonderful people have had on my life.”

Outside of academics, Sabrina was an involved member of her sorority, serving as both the Director of Member Finance and as an ambassador for the University’s sorority and fraternity life. In her free time, she volunteered in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham communities as a Culverhouse LIFT class leader for veterans and GED students. She also enjoyed running and hiking.

Ian Brown

Class of 2024 | Chemical Engineering

Meet Ian Brown, a Junior studying Chemical Engineering from Brentwood, Tennessee. He is in the Accelerated Master's Program for Chemical Engineering at UA, planning to graduate in 2024 with a bachelors degree and 2025 with a masters degree in Chemical Engineering. He works in Dr. Summer's lab researching RNA based Riboswitches to control gene expression. Additionally, he works in Dr. Ritchies lab researching functionalized membranes for protein rejection and antibacterial properties. Both labs are a part of the Chemical Engineering department at UA. he is a member of the Research Dimension for the program's Peer Resource Organization with a focus on assisting RRS students with their communicational and presentational skills.

When asked about how RRS has impacted her academic career, Ian says, "The Randall Research Scholars program built my research knowledge and confidence from the ground up. Peer mentorship taught me what research looks like and how to set out to achieve my personal goals. I gained a closely connected friend group, which cannot be understated during the difficulties of the pandemic. I have alumni and faculty I can reach out to, with questions or to pursue a career/academic opportunity. I gained invaluable presentation skills and experience."

Over the Summer of 2023, he had the opportunity to study abroad in Denmark for the Unit Operations Chemical Engineering Course. The research experience he had propelled him ahead as he tackled the coursework. He was able to travel to Sweden, Norway, and Amsterdam as well! In his free time, he loves to workout and run. He also enjoys playing video games, but only on PlayStation. He is a research ambassador through the Office of Undergraduate Research on Campus and attend Church of the Oaks where he teaches small groups and Sunday school.