Research in RRSP

Undergraduate Research

The purpose of the Randall Research Scholars Program is to prepare students for and facilitate research in tandem with a faculty sponsor. The RRSP minor requires four semesters of research to graduate, which counts for 12 hours of credit. Every semester, students are requiered to present their research at one of the following events:

• RRS Live - Students give video presentations each fall semester at RRS Live, a livestreamed research symposium hosted by the program on RRS Live.

• URCA - Students present their research at the end of each spring semester at URCA, an undergraduate research conference hosted by the University of Alabama.

• Research Symposium - Students can also give poster presentations at a Randall hosted research symposium.

• Research Conferences - Randall Research Scholars Students are encouraged to present their research at conferences around the globe.


Here is a sample Live presentation from 2020. Previous live presentations can be viewed here

Previous live presentations can be viewed here