About URCA


The Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity Conference is a premier annual event at The University of Alabama that provides undergraduates an opportunity to highlight their research or creative activities. In addition to bringing attention to the excellent work of University students, the Conference allows students to gain experience presenting, compete for cash prizes and form relationships with faculty mentors and fellow Conference presenters. URCA is not limited to only members of RRSP, but is open to the entire undergraduate student body.

Congratulations to our 2023 URCA winners within the program, which can be found in the table below. Randall students won awards in 8 categories!

Award RecipientAwardCategory
Ashley Hollingsworth2nd PlaceBusiness
Audrey Kim3rd PlaceBusiness
Molly Hart3rd PlaceSocial Sciences
Sadie Jarrell2nd PlaceEngineering and Computer Science
Bella Concannon3rd PlaceEngineering and Computer Science
Michael Zengel and Riley Nold1st PlacePhysical Sciences and Mathematics
Aurora Baker2nd PlacePhysical Sciences and Mathematics
Chandni Bhat and Caleb Buell3rd PlacePhysical Sciences and Mathematics
Garrett Davis1st PlaceHealth Sciences
Nolan McKibben1st PlaceHuman Environmental Sciences
Wesley Bryant2nd PlaceHuman Environmental Sciences
Fiona Gill1st PlaceFine Arts and Humanities
Ella Foes3rd PlaceFine Arts and Humanities
Ian Brown1st PlaceLife Science
Malena Long2nd PlaceLife Science

Please click here for a list of URCA awards received by Randall Research Scholars since 2010.

Go to the URCA Website to access more information on URCA.